For simulator methodology both technical and experimental aspects are fundamental for collecting valuable results from simulator experiments with human drivers in the loop. In order to increase the comparability and the transferability of experiment results collected in different simulators – and thus magnifying the scientific value of simulator results – defining operating standards for driving simulators would be beneficial.


  • Validity/reliability/comparability of DS study
  • Influence of experimental/technical aspects on DS results
  • Ethical aspects of experiments
  • Approaches of different institutions
  • Guidelines for documentation of DS studies
  • Towards defining standards or guidelines (is this even possible?)


Dr. Jens HÄCKER (Daimler) – contact: jens.haecker[at]

DSC 2018 - Round Table Discussion - Operational Standards for driving simulators

Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference & Exhibition, September 5th, 2018


  • Mr. Stéphane Masfrand (PSA)
  • Dr. Stéphane Espié (IFSTTAR)
  • Dr. Gerd Baumann (FKFS)
  • Mr. Arne Nåbo (VTI)
  • Dr. Joost Venrooij (BMW)
  • Mr. Omar Ahmad (NADS)
  • Dr. Jens Haecker, Moderator (Daimler)

Round Table Discussion – Operational Standards for driving simulators (pdf) >

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