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Talk Session A : Motion Cueing & Control
10:10 An MPC-Based Motion Cueing implementation with Time-Varying Prediction and drivers skills characterization
Bruschetta, Mattia; Maran, Fabio; Cenedese, Carlo; Beghi, Alessandro; Minen, Diego
10:30 Model-based Control of a Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator
Gong, Zhongyi; Konigorski, Ulrich
10:50 Comparison between filter- and optimization-based motion cueing in the Daimler Driving Simulator
Venrooij, Joost; Cleij, Diane; Katliar, Mikhail; Pretto, Paolo; Bülthoff, Heinrich H; Steffen, Dennis; Hoffmeyer…
Talk Session B : Simulator Design & applications
11:40 Objective Motion Cueing Test for Driving Simulators
Fischer, Martin; Seehof, Carsten; Seefried, Andreas
11:55 Implementing prediction algorithms to synchronize and minimize latency on a driving simulator
van Doornik, Jelle; Brems, Willibald; de Vries, Edwin; Wiedemann, Jochen
12:15 Tire Concept Investigation for Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulators
Zöller, Chris; Wagner, Paul; Winner, Hermann
12:30 Motion cueing algorithm development for X-Y linear motion and yaw table based driving simulator
Fang, Zhou; Kemeny, Andras
Talk Session C : Simulator Design & applications
16:50 Creating Headlight Glare in a Driving Simulator
Haycock, Bruce; Koenraad, Niels; Potter, Mario; Advani, Sunjoo
17:10 Evaluation of Chassis Setups Using a Dynamic Driving Simulator
Brems, Willibald; Uhlmann, Richard; Wagner, Andreas; Wiedemann, Jochen
17:25 A Dynamic and Model-Based Approach for Performing Successful Multi-Driver Studies
Schindler, Julian; Köster, Frank
17:40 Perception of Tire Characteristics in a Motion Base Driving Simulator
Kusachov, Artem; Bruzelius, Fredrik; Hjort, Mattias
Friday, September 9th 2016
Talk Session A : ADAS, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
09:00 Cooperation between Driver and Automated Driving System: Implementation and Evaluation
Guo, Chunshi; Sentouh, Chouki; Popieul, Jean-Christophe; Haue, Jean-Baptiste; Langlois, Sabine; Loeillet, Jean-Jacques
09:15 “The Surveyor’s Guide to Automotive Simulation”: Development and Evaluation of Guidelines for Straight forward Road Surveying for Driving Simulator Databases and Test Development of Driver Assistance and Automation Systems
Richter, Andreas; Scholz, Michael
09:30 Cooperative Driving Simulation
Aramrattana, Maytheewat; Larsson, Tony; Jansson, Jonas; Nåbo, Arne
09:45 Cooperation between the driver and an automated driving system taking into account the driver’s state
Benloucif, Mohamed Amir; Sentouh, Chouki; Floris, Jérôme; Simon, Philippe; Boverie, Serge; Popieul, Jean-Christophe
Talk Session B : ADAS, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
11:00 An innovative real-time test setup for ADAS’s based on vehicle cameras
Di Mare, Giancarlo; Vico, Ferruccio; Crisci, Francesco; Montieri, Antonio; Amoroso, Donato; Marino, Bruno; Ferrara…
11:15 A Real-Time Multi-Sensor Fusion Verification Framework for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Elgharbawy, Mohamed; Schwarzhaupt, Andreas; Weiskopf, Marco; Frey, Michael; Gauterin, Frank
11:30 Towards Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: A User-in-the-Loop Test Methodology for the Connected Car
Dhadyalla, Gunwant; Marsic, Vlad; Joshi, Harita; Khastgir, Siddartha; Birrell, Stewart; Paul, Jennings
11:45 Identifying relevant traffic situations from simulation data for testing ADAS and autonomous vehicles – A multilayer model concept
Sippl, Christoph; Wessner, Joseph; German, Reinhard
12:00 On the Implementation of Steering Controls for Evaluation of Automated Driving System in Driving Simulator
Nguyen Van, Quy Hung; Ito, Shoji
Talk Session C : Perception & Human Factors
14:30 Effects of sensory cues on perceived simulated speed
Sandin, Jesper; Fischer, Martin; Eriksson, Lars M; Augusto, Bruno; Nocentini, Alessandro
14:45 Driver behavior in mixed – and virtual reality – a comparative study
Blissing, Björn; Bruzelius, Fredrik; Eriksson, Olle
15:05 The influence of motion and steering-system model complexity on truck steering
Shyrokau, Barys; Stroosma, Olaf; Dijksterhuis, Chris; Loof, Jan; van Paassen, René; Happee, Riender
15:25 A street-crossing simulator to study and train pedestrians
Cavallo, Viola; Dommes, Aurélie; Vienne, Fabrice; Nguyen-Thong, Dang
15:45 Motion sickness comparison between a CAVE environment and a HMD
Colombet, Florent; Kemeny, Andras; George, Paul


ID Poster
1 Advancement of the car following model of Wiedemann on lower velocity ranges for urban traffic simulation
Mai, Marcus; Wang, Lei; Prokop, Günther
2 Realism Score for Immersive Virtual Reality Systems and Driving Simulators
Perroud, Benoit; Regnier, Stephane; Kemeny, Andras; Merienne, Frédéric
3 Robust, Low Frame Rate, Long Haul, Distributed, Research Driving Simulation
Romano, Richard; Xiong, Zhitao; Dixit, Vinayak V.; Collins, Brian; Ellison, Adrian B.; Bliemer, Michiel; Waller, S. Travis
4 An Overview on the MOTORIST motorcycle simulator
Celiberti, Francesco; Grottoli, Marco; Di Gesu, Maria; Gubitosa, Marco; Donders, Stijn
5 Validation Aspects of Virtual Reality Simulators for Traffic Research
Feldstein, Ilja
6 Simulation of Head-up Displays for Augmented Reality in Cars: a preliminary Study
Nguyen That, Thomas; Langlois, Sabine; Mermillod, Pierre; Boisvilliers, Willy
7 Direct integration of HMI 2D GUI to 3D CAD models displayed in a VR environment: a new rapid and efficient cross domain Virtual Validation in the car industry
Bayart, Benjamin; Vartanian, Alexis
8 DriverLab: A Standards-Setting Simulator for Driving in Challenging Conditions
Haycock, Bruce; Campos, Jennifer; Keshavarz, Behrang; Fernie, Geoff; Potter, Mario; Advani, Sunjoo
9 IFSTTAR Street-Crossing Simulator: Technical Overview and Applications in Road Safety Research
Dang, Nguyen Thong; Vienne, Fabrice
10 OpenDrive – A driving simulator based on an open world video game
Schenk, Simon; Frank, Benjamin; Rigoll, Gerhard
11 Safety Analysis for Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulators
Wagner, Paul; Zöller, Chris; Winner, Hermann
12 Using Frequency Analysis to Detect Social Interaction in a Multiple Simulator Setting
Lehsing, Christian; Bengler, Klaus
13 Validation of a Movable Truck Driving Simulation Tool – Comparing Truck Drivers’ Sitting Postures in a Simulator and in Field Truck Driving
Ohlson, Erik; Koohnavard, Tina; Osvalder, Anna-Lisa; Karlsson, MariAnne; Blomdahl, Patrik; Saluäär, Dennis
14 Virtual prototyping for highly automated vehicle function validation utilizing a vehicle-in-the-loop driving simulator facility
Fischer, Martin; Plättner, Jens; Grolms, Gavin; Assmann, Dirk; Lapoehn, Stephan; Köster, Frank
15 “ simulator” – an advanced wheel-based simulator approach
Tüschen, Thomas; Denise, Beitelschmidt; Wolfgang, Tischer; Günther, Prokop