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09:45 Talk Session A: ADAS, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles
09:45 Evaluating Driver Model Identifiability and Descriptiveness for Shared-Control Applications
Barendswaard, Sarah; Pool, Daan M; Abbink, David A.
10:05 Predictive shared steering control for driver override in automated driving: a simulator study
Guo, Chunshi ;Sentouh, Chouki ; Haue, Jean-Baptiste ; Popieul, Jean-Christophe
10:25 A Testing Framework for Predictive Driving Features with an Electronic-Horizon
Elgharbawy, Mohamed
10:45 Artificial Potential Field Framework for Semi-Autonomous Car Conception
Le Gouguec, Armand; Kemeny, Andras; Merienne, Frédéric; Berthoz, Alain
14:30 Talk Session B: Simulator Design & applications
14:30 Perception-Based Powertrain Design Using a Dynamic Driving Simulator
Baumgartner, Edwin; Ronellenfitsch, Andreas; Reuss, Hans-Christian, Schramm, Dieter
14:50 Defining the Kinematic Requirements for a Theoretical Driving Simulator
Olivari, Mario; Pretto, Paolo; Venrooij, Joost; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.
15:10 A newly developed 3 DOF driving simulator for longitudinal dynamics perception investigation
Erler, Philipp; Rinderknecht, Stephan
16:00 Talk Session C: Simulator Design & applications
16:00 Power, Energy, and Latency Test Drives with the Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator Prototype MORPHEUS
Wagner, Paul; Zöller, Chris; Albrecht, Torben; Winner, Hermann
16:20 A generic Steering Wheel Torque Model using Neural Networks
Hörmann, Stefan; comulada Simpson, Eduard; Bahram, Mohammad
16:40 Supporting the Implementation of Driving Simulator Environments Through Established GIS Approaches by Extending the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) with OpenDRIVE
Scholz, Michael; Orozco Idrobo, Ana María
Friday, September 8th 2017
09:00 Talk Session A: Motion Cueing & Control
09:00 The Apparent Vertical Filter Concept – Effects of driving on a slope
Seehof, Carsten; Fischer, Martin; Seefried, Andreas
09:20 An MPC based Multi-Sensory Cueing Algorithm (MSCA) for a high performance driving simulator with active seat
Bruschetta, Mattia; Cunico, Daniel; Chen, Yutao; Beghi, Alessandro; Minen, Diego
09:40 Fast MPC based motion cueing algorithm investigation
Fang, Zhou; Tsushima, Masashi; Kitahara, Eiichi; Machida, Naoya; Wautier, Didier; Kemeny, Andras
10:00 Objective Motion Cueing Test – Automotive
Haycock, Bruce; Advani, Sunjoo
10:15 Rapid Tuning of the Classical Motion Cueing Algorithm
Romano, Richard; Sadraei, Ehsan; Markkula, Gustav
11:00 Talk Session B: Virtual Reality for Driving Simulation
11:00 Measuring presence in driving simulation
Mestre, Daniel; Deniaud, Christophe; Vincent, Honnet
11:20 Enhancing a Driving Simulator with a 3D-Stereo Projection System
Schmieder, Hannsjoerg; Nagel, Katja; Schoener, Hans-Peter
11:40 Comparing Tangible and Fully Virtual Haptic Systems for HMI Studies in Driving Situation
Lassagne, Antoine; Kemeny, Andras; Posselt, Javier; Merienne, Frederic
14:30 Talk Session C: Perception & Human Factors
14:30 Measuring and Modeling Driver Steering Behavior: From Compensatory Tracking to Curve Driving
van der El, Kasper; Pool, Daan Marinus; Mulder, Max
14:50 Time-varying perceived visual-motion mismatch due to lateral specific force scaling during passive curve driving simulation
van Leeuwen, Tim Daniël; Cleij, Diane; Pool, Daan Marinus; Mulder, Max; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.
15:40 Talk Session D: Perception & Human Factors
15:40 The impact of subjective simulator experiences on statistical power in the RObot based Driving and Operation Simulator (RODOS)
Reinhard, René Tapiwa; Kleer, Michael; Dreßler, Klaus
16:00 The use of proprioceptive cues in order to enhance presence in a dynamic motorcycle riding simulator
Will, Sebastian; Hammer, Thomas; Pleß, Raphael; Guth, Sebastian
16:20 Identifying the key factors that influence the realism of braking in a dynamic driving simulator through different levels of deceleration
Savona, Florian; Diaz, Emmanuelle; Stratulat, Anca Melania; Vars, Philippe; Honnet, Vincent; Masfrand, Stéphane; Bourdin
  1. A Spatial Augmented Reality Driving Simulator for Prototyping 3D in-car User Interfaces
    Florian Weidner and Wolfgang Broll
  2. Design and implementation of the Delft bicycle simulator
    George Dialynas, Oliver Lee, Arend Schwab
  3. Research on Improving Steering Fidelity of Jilin University Driving Simulator
    Guan Xin, Zhan Jun, Yang Dejun, Guo Xueli
  4. Comparison of MCAs Based on Optimal Filters and on MPC: Influence of the Time Horizon
    Felix Ellensohn, Joost Venrooij, Markus Schwienbacher, Daniel Rixen
  5. Comparison of different Motion Cueing Algorithms in a wheeled mobile driving simulator
    Zhongyi Gong, Ulrich Konigorski
  6. Design and implementation of a realistic car sound simulation
    Martin Kehrer, Anton Janeba, Dr. Gerd Baumann, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Reuss
  7. Reconstruction of the visual system for a truck simulator
    Andreas Jansson, Jonas Jansson, Jonas Andersson Hultgren
  8. Stochastic Traffic Simulation Based on Driver Behavior Modelling
    Christopher Kober, Hans-Christian Reuss
  9. Virtual road in an older town center
    Glädje Erik Olsson, Laban Källgren, Jonas Andersson Hultgren
  10. Improving Virtual Development and Validation of ADAS and Fully Automated Vehicles
    Huber, Bernd, Sippl, Christoph, Djanatliev, Anatoli and German, Reinhard
  11. Dealing with the right of way in advanced traffic simulation. A characterization of drivers’ behaviours in a multi-agent approach.
    Reffet B, Mathieu P, Kemeny A, Vailleau B, Nongaillard A and Mohellebi H
  12. Synthesized roads – high fidelity virtual roads from real world data sets
    Mattias Hjort, Laban Källgren
  13. The process and challenges of introducing a VR Simulator Capability to the Automotive Industry: A Scania Use Case
    Stas Krupenia, Daniel Johansson, Jonathan Bengtsson, Jon Friström, Linus Lindwall, Rickard Leandertz, Anna Selmarker
  14. Development of a Force Feedback Steering Wheel Control System to be used in VRbased Racing Simulators
    Numan Sözen , Ömer Özdemir
  15. Collaborative Virtual Reality: An exploration in VR use for product evaluation
    Jonathan Bengtson, Sebasthian Borsos, Stas Krupeni
  16. Traffic Light Control Simulation for Various Simulation Environments
    Danny Behnecke, Martin Fischer, Bastian Farkas, Dirk Assmann, Mladen Berekovic, Frank Köster